City of Vilonia

Vilonia is located approximately 40 miles northeast of Little Rock in Faulkner County.  A diverse community, we leave the welcome mat out at all times.  This is our hometown and we would like for you to come, visit and get to know us. If you like us, stay. We are proud. We are strong. We are the home of the Eagles.

Vilonia has a population of 3,815, according to the 2010 census. Vilonia is located about 15 miles from Conway, the county seat of Faulkner County.

Not only does the Vilonia School District offer a range of sports, there is also after school opportunities for children ages 4-14 to play. The Vilonia Sports Association promotes youth sports. The organization contracts with the city to run all youth sports at the city facilities. The organization currently offers soccer, softball, baseball and flag football. They are affiliated with the ASA, USSSA and NFL. The mission is "To teach kids the fundamentals of the game....and life.”

City government
Vilonia has a mayoral/ city council type of government which is elected. The current mayor is James Firestone and the city clerk is Kelly Lawrence. Fred Fowlkes serves as city engineer/building inspector and code enforcement.  Sherry Lee serves as court clerk. The current city council, individually referred to as alderman, include Sherry Clements, Jim King, Kathy French, Art Pischke, Joe Maxwell and Larry “Skip” Cates. Doris Scroggin serves as recorder/treasurer, which is also an elected position.   Fred Fowlkes serves as engineer and city inspector. A planning commission, which is appointed, also oversees development for the city. Commissioners include Charles Coker, Shelia Pruett-secretary, Herman Eary-chairman, Charlie Weaver, John Bonner, Marshall Smith and Melissa Jenkins.

County government
The county operates on a county judge/quorum court government. The current county judge is Allen Dodson. Andy Shock serves as the sheriff.

Tax rates
The tax rate in Vilonia is 9 percent including the city tax (2 percent) and the Arkansas Sales and Use Tax.

To protect and serve
The Vilonia Police Department consists of 9 full time officers and two part time officers. All are fully certified through the state law enforcement agencies. Brad McNew is the chief.

Fire protection
The Vilonia Fire Department consists of one full-time employee, three part-time employees and 22 volunteer firefighters. All are fully certified medically as well as firefighter certified. The department welcomes others willing to obtain training and certification. Keith Hillman is the chief.

Utility services
Vilonia Waterworks, 19 Industrial Drive, 501-472-9646;  Entergy, 1-800-368-3749; Center Point Energy, 1-800-992-7552; Windstream, 1-800-501-1754; Vilonia Sewer, 501-796-2533; Charter Cable, 1-88-871-4485; Waste Management, 501-327-3123; TBF Trash Service, 501-796-3380

Largest employer
The Vilonia School District is the largest employer in the city.  The administrative office is located at 11 Eagle Street. The superintendent is Frank Mitchell. Assistant superintendents are Cathy Riggins and Ed Sellers. Sellers also serves as the Athletic Director.

The Vilonia Industrial Park
The Vilonia Industrial Park is situated on of prime real estate located within the city of Vilonia and is currently home to the Vilonia Waterworks. Many acres of land, the area is a prime location for new businesses. The area offers a well-qualified, highly motivated work force.


  •   Athletics
  •   Academics
  •   Band
  •   Yearly Scheduled
  • Vilonia Public Schools

    P.O. Box 160
    11 Eagle St.
    Vilonia, AR 72173

  • Vilonia High School

    1164 Main Street
    Vilonia, AR 72173

  • Vilonia Freshman Academy

    1164a Main Street
    Vilonia, AR 72173

  • Vilonia Middle School

    49 Eagle Street
    Vilonia, AR 72173

  • Vilonia Elementary

    15 Eagle Street
    Vilonia, AR 72173

  • Vilonia Primary School

    #4 Bane Lane
    Conway, AR 72032

  • Frank Mitchell Intermediate School

    98 S. Mt.Olive Rd
    Vilonia AR 72173
    FAX# 796-4893