VHS class elections results are announced

Results of Class Elections :


President –Jason Rail
Vice President---Jacob Baker
Secretary---Madison Loter
Treasurer---Mary Beth McKay
Student Council---Jessica Hutchison & Caleb Baker
Class Favorite---Jessica Hutchison & Julius Price
Most Artistic---Krista Hogan & Jacob Baker
Most Adventurous---Madison Loter & Jason Rail
Best Dressed---Casey Goff & Alec Williams
Best Kicks---Danaka Davis & Nick Carson
Most Likely to be Late for your Wedding---Makaila Farrar & J.D. McMillin
Most Likely to be a Celebrity---Bailee Jo Thorn & Gene Sax
Most Athletic---Abby Hightower & Luke Gordon
Funniest---Abby Ramsey & Chance Wilson
Highest Achiever---Lauren McHenry & Hunter Heston
Finest Car---Breanna McLaughlin & Nick Howard


President----Caleb Johnson
Vice President---Keith Meng
Secretary---Chase Lewis
Treasurer---Jace Farrior
Student Council----Megan Atkins & Wyatt Millikin
Class Favorite---Bradley Ruple & Kaitlyn Weaver
Most Likely to Succeed---Macy McKissack & Braeden Westby
Most Likely to be Famous---Cole Dacus & Ally Swaim


President----Drake Toll
Vice President---J.D. Otts
Secretary---Jill Cates
Treasurer---Grant Goers
Student Council---Travis Holmes & Kristen Madden
Class Favorite---Travis Holmes & Aubrey Ussery
Most Likely to Succeed---Grant Goers & Ashlyn Maynard
Most Likely to be Famous----J.D. Otts & Bayleigh Williams