Congrats to VHS students making the Arkansas School Band

Congratulations to the following students for making the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association Region IX Bands. These students competed against students from Conway, Greenbrier, Clinton, Dover, Morrilton, Atkins, Russellville, Dardanelle, Pottsville, Heber Springs, Bigelow, Perryville and Marshall to earn a seat in these two bands.  Friday and Saturday, January 15-16, they will attend the Region IX Band Clinic in Russellville where they will come together to prepare three to five pieces of music that they will perform at 2 p.m., Saturday in the Russellville Performing Arts Center. Everyone is welcome to attend.

JR Landers   1st Band 4th chair*
Kelsey Chatelain   2nd Band 20th chair
Brandon Smith   2nd Band 6th chair
Taylor Boling   2nd Band 1st chair
Trevor Jacks   1st Band 1st chair*
Dakota Billing   1st Band 7th chair
Nathan Davis   1st Band 6th chair*
Andrew Grissom   2nd Band 1st chair
Kyle Yahn   2nd Band 4th chair
Nick Scott   1st Band 5th chair*
Chris Maddox   1st Band 6th chair*
Cody Reeves   2nd Band 2nd chair
Sarah Gwatney   2nd Band 3rd chair
Mary Beth McKay   2nd Band 8th chair

 Jr. Region Participants
Sierra Bell 1st Band 26th chair
Hailey Chandler 1st Band 15th chair
Isabel Oliver 1st Band 26th chair
Hailey Mudge 1st alternate
Kali Cates 2nd Band 1st chair
Eternity Knox 2nd Band 7th chair
Kaitlyn Camp 2nd Band 9th chair

All-Region Jazz Participants
band    placement    instrument    name-score
1st    001-SR First Band *    SR Trumpet    Dakota Billing 1292.9
1st    004-SR First Band *    SR Trumpet    Spencer Leslie 974
1st    002-SR First Band *    SR Tenor T-Bone    Nathan Davis 1167
1st    003-SR First Band *    SR Tenor T-Bone    Andrew Grissom 1105.8
1st    004-SR First Band *    SR Tenor T-Bone    Aaron Fuller 1064.4
1st    002-SR First Band*    SR Guitar    Nick Max 1099.9
1st    002-SR First Band *    SR Drums    Cody Reeves 973.2
2nd    002-SR Second Band    SR Tenor Sax    Taylor Boling 1023.6
2nd    005-SR Second Band    SR Trumpet    Kyle Yahn 731.4
2nd    003-SR Second Band    SR Tenor T-Bone    Matthew McNeel 783.9
2nd    001-SR Second Band    SR Bass T-Bone    Nicholas Scott 956.2
2nd    001-SR Second Band    SR Guitar    Jacob Earles 967.7
2nd    001-SR Second Band    SR Drums    Chris Maddox 942
alternate    002-SR Alternates    SR Alto Sax    Devon Neumeyer 813.

Linda HicksVHS