VMS students have been rewarded for good grades, good behavior and perfect attendance....

Students at VMS, last week, were rewarded with certificates for good grades, good behavior and perfect attendance.

The school’s gymnasium was full of parents and grandparents. Teachers were on hand and handed out the awards. Principal Lori Lombardi also attended as well as vice-principal Rodney Partee.  A prestigious ceremony, the school’s bands played.

Lombardi shared with parents that the students have recently been a part of an evaluation process at the school conducted by “outside” superintendents, principals and other school officials from other districts. They received an A, she said, in their conduct. The committee, she said, commented on the respect shown to teachers as well as to their fellow students. It’s a big compliment, she added.

“That comes from home as well as what we respect from them while they are here,” she said. Also, she said, the committee touted the praises of the teachers at VMS.

Students receiving awards were called by name while teachers handed out the awards. 

Linda HicksVMS