VES students recognized for good grades, perfect attendance and good citizenship...

Students at VES paraded on stage at the school's gymnasium, Wednesday, but it wasn't for their sporting abilities. Instead, it was for good grades, perfect attendance, good citizenship and reading.

Parents snapped photos and clapped their hands as the students took to the stage getting red ribbons, blue ribbons and green ribbons.

Two programs, principal Kelly Walters called the name of each student recognizing them for accomplishments during the first and second nine weeks of school.

The category with the least amount of students being recognized was attendance. Walters said there has been a lot of sickness. There were four names called for perfect attendance, during the K-1 segment of the programs, including one kindergartner and three first graders.

Addressing the parents, during the first program, Walters thanked parents for coming and offered "all kids are not growing up to be Michael Jordans. But, academics--this is something all of them can excel at."

Linda HicksVES