VMS readers awarded with party.....

From the desk of media specialist Terina Atkins:

Students are steadily reaching their reading goals at VMS. Every year each student sets his/her goal at the beginning of the year. Then students read books and take tests over their comprehension of each book which earns them points. Books that are more complex are worth more points than those that may be shorter or have a lower reading level.

Each quarter the librarian rewards those who are on target for achieving their goals. The first nine weeks they are to have 25% of their goal and that earns them a small reward such asa coke and a goody bag. The second nine weeks they are to have 50% of their goal. Those who achieve this goal earn an Ice Cream Sundae Party and that is how they celebrated, recently, at lunch. The next goal is 75% and the points are due on March 28. Students who achieve that goal will receive an hour long glow party with games such as chess, checkers, various card games, and Wii Dance. The end of the year party is to celebrate those who achieved their yearly goal by May 2. The school usually celebrates this milestone by throwing a Party in the Park complete with games, hot dogs, drinks and candy.

Evan BeaversVMS