Counselor's at VHS announce pre-college program.....

Upward Bound

The future is what you make it.  Strive for success - be an Upward Bound student.

Upward Bound is a pre-college program for high school freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  It is designed to prepare these youth for education beyond high school.

The purpose of Upward Bound is to ensure that students enroll in post-secondary education.  Time and effort are spent in preparing students for college, such as providing information on colleges, completion of admissions, financial aid, scholarship applications, and campus visits.

Upward Bound is a year-round program which meets two Saturdays per month during the academic year, along with after-school tutoring sessions, and six weeks during the summer.  For the first five weeks of the summer, Upward Bound students live on campus in the residence halls at ASU-Beebe, with tutor/mentors and residence hall staff, going home on weekends.  The sixth week is for the Upward Bound summer trip.

During the academic year and the summer program, students attend classes and tutoring sessions.  They participate in a variety of other activities designed to prepare them for enrollment in post-secondary institutions.

To Qualify

Students must demonstrate an academic potential for post-secondary education, must be classified as a first-generation college student, and/or come from families with low incomes.

It costs nothing to be in Upward Bound as the costs of the program are covered under a grant from the Department of Education.  In addition, each Upward Bound member receives a stipend each week he/she attends.

To participate in Upward Bound, students should contact their high school counselor, or download the Upward Bound application. The completed application should be signed by student and parents/guardians, and returned to the high school counselor. Questions about the program should be directed to the Upward Bound Office at (501) 882-4450 or email snmcfadden.

Linda HicksVHS, FA