Young Vilonia Eagles provided an opportunity to run in marathon.....

By John Allison

The Vilonia Eagle Little Rockers is a program for young Vilonia Eagles in kindergarten through seventh grade who would like to participate in the Little Rockers Kids Marathon, an event that is part of the Little Rock Marathon Weekend, March 5-6. 

To complete the Little Rockers Kids Marathon requires logging 25.2 miles of running, walking, or any combination of the two, between now and March 4th. Then, on March 5th, participants will meet in Little Rock to complete the Final Mile of their marathon. All participants who log the 25.2 miles and finish the Final Mile will be awarded a finisher's medal to commemorate the accomplishment.

Vilonia Eagle Little Rocker participants will receive an individual training plan with recommended workouts, based on their individual fitness level and other factors, to help them complete the challenge. All workouts can be completed running, walking, or any combination of running and walking. Participants can complete the workouts and log their miles individually (under appropriate adult supervision) or in groups. Program coordinator John Allison and other volunteers will schedule at least one, sometimes two evenings each week, for participants to meet at the Vilonia High School track to complete their workouts. 

There will be no charge to join the Vilonia Eagles Little Rockers. But the Little Rock Marathon does charge a registration fee of $25 for participants who will join us at the Final Mile on March 5th. The registration fee gets participants a t-shirt, official race number, and a goodie bag. And, for those who log the 25.2 miles, then finish the Final Mile, the finisher's medal is also provided. Any participant who does not register with the Little Rock Marathon will not be allowed to participate in the Final Mile, but can still join the Vilonia Eagles Little Rockers and participate in the workouts.

The Vilonia Eagles Little Rockers program hopes to encourage kids to get out, get active, and live a healthy lifestyle. All kids are welcome, regardless of their athletic experience or ability. However, if you already participate in a sport that practices or competes in January, February, or March, you should get permission from your coach in that sport to participate in this program. The Vilonia Eagles Little Rockers group does not want to interfere, or take away from, other sports. 

If you have a Vilonia Eagle in kindergarten through seventh grade who is interested in joining us, contact John Allison at Please request to join the 2016 Vilonia Eagles Little Rockers Facebook group also. Communication on schedules and other information will be via email and the Facebook.

*This is not a school sanctioned event but may be of interest to students, parents and staff.

Linda HicksVES, VPS, VMS