VHS anatomy students preparing for studies after high school

Get your favorite rat out, Coach John Steward, told students at the beginning of an anatomy class, this week, at Vilonia High School that he teaches.

Worksheets beside them, the students’ assignment was to identify and dissect a rat’s insides, basically, associating their parts with the human anatomy, explained Coach Steward. A few students could be seen holding their noses to protect themselves from the smell. Steward walked around the room, participating in lively conversation with the students, as he observed techniques.  

When one student said “rats don’t have gallbladders,” Steward’s responded with the confirmation,  “you are correct.”  

Some of the students said they had plans to go into the medical field. Zack Bryant plans to be a veterinarian—his dream since he was about six. He isn’t squeamish about handling the rats. He said he works with his grandfather on the farm and has been exposed to many situations involving animals. Sebastian Fernandez of Columbia, a foreign exchange student, also plans to go into the medical field after college. He has not made up his mind regarding his career choice, but, probably not veterinary medicine.

The students have already dissected minks and will soon dissect cats (provided by a Minnesota Humane Society).

Linda HicksVHS