Fourth grade leadership board at FMIS launches drive to help others

The Fourth Grade Leadership Board, made up of seven students at FMIS, have a mission to help others.

Flyers have been posted around the school announcing the student-led drive, to be launched Monday, with them collecting socks, shoes, deodorant, canned foods and non-perishable food to be given to those in need at their school. The drive will end Nov. 1.

The school, which provides toiletries for students in need, has a shortage of socks and deodorant and other items, according to Jordan Bullock, fourth grade teacher and board sponsor.  

“This is just one way they can help others,” Bullock said. To become a member of the board, Bullock said, the students were required to write essays and they must demonstrate positive behavior at all times. 

“They are held accountable,” he said. Also, he said, the students “sacrifice” and work during their activity time on various projects.

If the students collect at least 80 items, the students will receive 15 minutes of extra recess for a day in November.

Linda HicksFMIS