Creating Points for Connection at VFA

At Vilonia Freshman Academy we have one mission--to get all our ninth graders through their first year of high school with all of their attempted credits.  Research has shown that this will make students much more likely to graduate high school (Allensworth and Easton, 2005). We believe each student needs to build meaningful relationships with at least one adult at school to feel connected.  This year we have worked with our faculty to create many new clubs to provide multiple opportunities for our students to find ways to connect at VFA.  Currently, we have the following clubs available for our students to join: Art Club, Beta Club, Book Club, Cooking & Baking Club, Fashion/Cosmetics Club, FBLA, FCA, FCCLA, FFA, Gamers Club, Jesus Squad, Math Club, Photography Club, Poetry Club, Pokemon Club, Spanish Club, Stomp Out Bullying Club, Volunteer/Community Service Club, and Weightlifting Club.  In addition to these clubs, there are multiple other ways for students to get connected through athletics, music, the arts, academics, and more.  As student interests change, so will our club offerings.  Our plan is to do whatever it takes to find new points of connection for all of our students.  And if our faculty and staff are getting to enjoy the time they get to spend showing our students how to bake chocolate chip cookies, playing Madden NFL 17, or catching all the Pokemon--well that’s just icing on the cake!


*Allensworth, E.M., and Easton, J.Q. (2005). The on-track indicator as a predictor of high school graduation. Chicago: Consortium on Chicago School Research.