Vilonia team shares their knowledge at special education conference

Vilonia School District Special Educators were asked to present in two sessions at the 2016 Arkansas Transition Summit Conference sponsored by ADE - Arkansas Transition Services on October 19-20. 

One session, "Transition - How Do We Get Started?" was led by Sandra Doggett, VHS high school transition teacher and Liz Kelley, VHS special education director.  The second presentation, "It Takes A Village" was led by the entire Vilonia Special Education Transition Team including Liz Kelley, director,  Josh Hart, assistant director, Cindy Ballard, parent support leader, Amy Tucker, community business owner and Sandra Doggett, Dr. Bruce Battles, Diane Hardin, Aaron Jackson, and Jeannie Noel, all Vilonia transition teachers.

The Vilonia team also provided technical resource assistance during team planning times at the request of 10 other school districts. Vilonia was one of five school districts asked to present along with other state, agency and higher education institutions.