Exceptional artwork being displayed by VHS students

From the desk of Sandy Ragland, VHS art teacher:

These works are pan pastel/pastel feet. The Pre AP III artists and I took photographs in the courtyard.   We hauled out water, and I laid down on concrete and took snaps of them walking/splashing through water.  The photos were used as reference photos for the students' work. The artists then, thanks to Joyce Burns, an artist friend, who donated some 'fur' paper/matboard, finished the art work on a 'different' substrate, using pan and other pastels.  The art was required to be realistic, show detail and make the water look real as well. The art, also, had to have a background. 

These are exceptional young artists and I am very proud of their accomplishments.  

Artists include: Justin Lee, Miranda Bolen, Savvy McBee, Tay Penner, Chance Reams, Haley Ashcraft, Matthew Benert, Rachel Land, Hailey Baker, Christina Boyer and Denver Hinson

Linda HicksVHS