Second graders at VPS reading and writing about presidential qualities

The students in Mrs. Maxwell's second grade class at VPS have been discussing what it means to have a vote. The students voted on foods, seasons, subjects at school and even who the next president should be. After reading Grace for President, the students helped make a class list of good qualities they would like to see in a president. The students also wrote why each student would make a great president.

Addie Droste said, "I'm a good citizen because I'm helping with the food drive at school."

Maddie Eldridge said, "I make good choices because when my mom tells me to do something, I do it."

Eli Matthews said, "I would make a good president because I am honest, smart, and brave."

MacKenzie Davis said, "I am honest. One time I told my mom I ate the last cookie."

Linda HicksVPS