Fifth graders at FMIS, this week, introducing the hottest new toys on the market

Using television advertising tactics, fifth graders at the FMIS Engineering Design Fair hawked their work, Wednesday, to their peers, introducing the latest and hottest new toys on the market.

Lined with inventions, the KIVA served as a showroom.  One at a time, the students carried their invention to the front of the room and explained and demonstrated how each was handmade by them.  All were made out of things they could find around their houses—toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, cardboard as well as other recyclables.   Among the inventions was a dragster. Also, Splarm, that played music and sounded an alarm. The student who designed it shared a slogan “Rise and Shine, its Music Time.  There was a Jack in the Box made using a fishing reel and Everstorm, a claw, that inspired creative thinking and allows short people to reach higher. There was a game called Marble Drop, similar to Plinko on the Price is Right. One student showed a Course 3000, a toy for the kid on the go. And, there was the Color Bot that does the coloring for you. A Shooter—that helps one to shoot rubber bands and a portable foosball table.

As students summed up their sell, they also encouraged their peers to act fast and order due to a “limited time offer.”  Other selling lines included “Don’t let a golden opportunity pass you by.” Some promised their toy invention is the “toy of the century,” and would only be available as a Christmas special only. Also, the young entrepreneurs cautioned those on the listening end to place their orders in a timely manner because they were sure that their inventions would “sell out fast,” and those who ordered in the “next 10 minutes” were promised an extra something in their package.

The list of inventions exceeded 40 and took more than one class for the presentation.

Linda HicksFMIS