While the cat is away, the mouse will play

This sight caused many to squirm at VES Tuesday. The fake mouse, which looked very realistic, was staged on the sidewalk to cause a little stir. Someone was most likely peeking with a smile on their face.

I’m a little mouse—now don’t run away,
It really is puzzling, you see,
That same ladies faint, or scream, or jump
On a chair, at the sight of me!

I was traveling in young master’s pocket, one day,
Both having a ride in a bus—
When suddenly thought I’d take a look round,
But oh! What a bother and fuss!

From a gentleman’s hat, to a basket I popped,
Then on to a schoolboy’s cap—
I scurried along a lady’s muff,
While she was taking a nap!

Oh, how they all jumped, and so did I—
They made me nervous, they did!
Raising their voices, oh dear! Oh dear!
So back in that pocket, I hid!

As well, folk are odd, that’s all I can say,
And other mice, too, will agree—
Just fancy that people can get so scared
At something, as small as me!

Linda HicksVES