School counselors' jobs are to counsel, teach and advocate......

  • Happy School Counseling Week!

The purpose of National School Counseling Week is to highlight the unique contributions that school counselors bring to our school systems.

In honor of this special week, here are some facts about School Counselors and what we do:

*The correct title for us is “school counselor.” Why? Because the title “guidance counselor” is very outdated and was given to the people solely focused on class selection and college/career preparation. School counselors are trained and educated in so much more. We are skilled in counseling strategies and are focused on all students’ social and emotional growth. Our role has evolved enormously. We counsel, we teach, we advocate.

*School counselors have national standards to teach too. Our standards come from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. The standards we teach fall into three main categories: personal/social, academic, and career. We can serve students in grades K-12.

*School counselors follow ethical guidelines in all the work we do. One of the biggest ethical considerations we must abide by is confidentiality. We must respect the privacy of the students and families we serve, while sharing what others “need to know” in order to best help our students. It is always a delicate line to walk.

Thank you for supporting the work that we do in our school!

Vilonia School District counselors