Wednesday happenings at VMS..


Wednesday, March 2, 2016


MENU: Beef Nachos, Pinto Beans, Diced Peaches, Juice/Milk

Corn Dog, Salad, Slaw, Beans, Pineapple tidbits, cheez-its, Juice/Milk



Reminder:  If you wear tights to school you MUST wear a shirt that comes down to shorts length.

NO students are allowed to walk to the Jr. High for ANY reason.

NO students should be in the building before 7:30 (unless you are in Coach McDonalds tutoring).

Students, please remember if you have ICU and DHALL the same day, you MUST go to DHALL that day and ICU the next. Dhall comes first.

Basketball State Tournament T-Shirts sign up sheet in the office. The cost for the shirts          are $12.  You pay when the T-shirts come in.

There are some FBLA students who will be competing in online events this week.

Today: Madison McHolan, Riley Bridges, and Haley Barron will compete in the library during 3rd period. Teachers please excuse them during this time.

Friday, March 4: Hannah Neely, Rachael Daniel, Farrah Hopkins, Donna Lazano, and Emily Standridge will compete during 2nd period in the library. Please excuse them during this time.

Congratulations to our newest AR All Stars...Sa'Haila Beasley, Ashley Delong, Estrella Espinoza,Hannah Fisher, Monica Jennings, Austin Koonce, Taylor Mahan

Linda HicksVMS