Friday at VMS...


MENU: Breaded Chicken Sandwich, Carrot Sticks, Pear Cup, Juice/Milk

Chicken Patty, Chips, Apple Slices, Juice/Milk



 Reminder:  If you wear tights to school you MUST wear a shirt that comes down to shorts length.

 NO students are allowed to walk to the Jr. High for ANY reason.

 Our annual Book Swap will be March 28-April 1. We will be open during P/T Conferences on March 29th and March 31st as well.  Bring in gently used or new books (no coloring books, activity books, lesson books, etc.)  Fiction, non-fiction and biographies WELCOME!   Hardbacks = 2 tickets and Paperbacks = 1 ticket.  You can choose to use your tickets to “purchase” books then or check back throughout the week (new books come in daily.) Hardbacks “cost” 2 tickets and paperbacks “cost” 1 ticket.

Battle of the Box Tops: NOW through March 31.

Homeroom Classes…Battle of the Box Tops! (If you don’t have a homeroom, you can choose a class of yours.)

Grand Prize:  The Homeroom in EACH GRADE with the most Box Tops, Campbell’s Labels or Tyson A+ Labels per student by 9am March 31, will win 25 books for the teacher’s class and the class will win a Starbooks Breakfast Party (one breakfast item and one hot chocolate each)  2nd Place per grade: Teacher wins 10 books.  3rd Place per grade: Teacher wins 5 books.

AR 75% Goal Party: The due date for points is Monday, March 28. (This is the Monday we return from spring break.) The party will be announced shortly after.

 The library will be in use all day today for a Poetry Slam. Please limit the number of students coming in from your classes to those who just REALLY have a library need (no silent reading, no CREW needed, etc.)

 Cheerleader Tryouts will be next week;

**Practices and tryouts will be held at the high school gym during the week of March 14-18.

            Monday – Material Taught – 3:15-5 p.m. ALL (7th grade track excused)

            Tuesday-Review of Material-3:15-5 p.m. (VHS/VJH track excused)

 Wed – 3:15 to 5 p.m. ALL

            Thursday – TBA   Friday – To Be Announced – may not need this day.

**VMS students who shuttle will need notes approved by the principal to ride the shuttle bus, students who ride the bus will need a note approved to get off at the high school. Car riders are fine.

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