Engineering class at VMS shares competition details with Board of Education...

Engineering Elective Class teacher Chandra Otts, at VMS, stood by allowing eighth graders to make a presentation regarding their participation in Engineering Olympics, to the Vilonia Board of Education, Monday night, where they competed against 19 other schools and placing third overall. On a toothpick bridge challenge, students placed third. They also competed using pipe cleaners and placed third. The students shared how they used glue and toothpicks constructing the bridge. The pipe cleaner competition was “free standing” with a three-minute time limit. Some of the students also told about acing a critical thinking portion of the Olympics answering critical thinking questions. The presentation ended with a couple of students demonstrating the skills of a couple of robots they have built.

Mrs. Otts was also recognized for taking on the new class which began this year “developing her curriculum as she has gone,” said Cathy Riggins, assistant superintendent. 

Linda HicksVMS