FMIS students used their classroom to compete in Greek Olympics...

A FMIS social studies class, under teacher Jodi Brewer, recently participated in a version of the ancient Greek Olympics. The students were divided into five city-states and had to complete training activities to prepare for the games. The training consisted of each city-state creating a flag and pledging to present during the opening ceremonies. They, also, researched the history of their city-state and created a map of ancient Greece.

Each city-state also sent a representative to participate in each of the games. The games included tongue twisters, javelin (plastic straw) throwing, shot put (cotton ball), discus (paper plate), art recognition, a to z race, long jump, boxing (recalling a group of items in a box) and a foot race. Each city-state was rewarded with a ribbon for each game they won and Megara was crowned the champions at the end of the games. 

Linda HicksFMIS