VHS Drama Club delivers smashing performances this weekend....

The VHS Drama Club delivered outstanding performances, both Friday and Saturday night in the high school cafeteria, presenting The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood.

The plot of the play was somewhat the same as the serious version. However, the goofy antics and running gags (sometimes literally involving running) kept the audience laughing for the better part of the play.   Robin Hood, an egocentric super-hero of sorts, was on a mission to aid the needy and win the heart of the lovely Maid Marian, a damsel in distress, who was also obsessed with skin conditions. At Robin Hood’s aid were his Merry Men who wielded spoons on their quest against Prince John and his evil sidekick the Sheriff of Nottingham who stopped the selling of Girl Scout cookies.

Prince John’s bid was to stop Robin's do-gooding by capturing Maid Marian and marrying her off to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Found in the castle, Robin Hood was captured and thrown in dungeon where he was torched with Justin Bieber music.   Yet, in the end, Robin rose to the occasion, disguised as Dr. Scholl, and not only won a bowl-a-thon but also an archery competition.

Throughout the play, a good-natured “Town’s Guy,” referred to a ghostly “Mr. Technical Director,” who sat in the audience, and used effects to fade from scene to scene. The Town’s Guy also may have been the hero of the show. The best bowler in the land, he taught Robin Hood to bowl.

In the end, bowling was declared the national sport of England, the sheriff was terminated, Prince John was disowned from the royal family and Robin Hood and Maid Marian were preparing for a wedding.

Seniors also presented teacher Susan Jobe with flowers at the end of the show.  She gave a brief overview of the club, saying the members have been “very active,” this year supporting other programs.

“These are kids with big hearts,” she said. They participated in Operation Christmas Child, she said, collecting more than 40 boxes and they are also collecting items for Bethlehem House.

Jobe also asked the audience to consider supporting a proposed millage in the fall that may result in the building of an Arts Center at the school providing a place for music and drama performances.

Evan BeaversVHS