Electrifying Eagle Educators fall short on the court....

The final score in the Hoops Classic, held Thursday night, was 18 to 21. Appearing a bit out of shape and slow on their feet, the Electrifying Eagle Educators fell short against the youthful Superb Soaring Eagles Unified Student Team.

During the event, players on both sides ran, guarded and shot the ball. During time-outs, there was some serious entertainment including singing, dancing, twirling, cheering and hoola-hooping. The band and choir members also delivered stellar performances. As well, there were antics. VHS Counselor Jolene Sanders delivered a convincing performance of being down and out as she was wheeled off the court in a wheelchair.

The event was fun-filled with a lot of belly laughs from the audience. The funds from the event went to Vilonia’s Transition Life Skills Classes.

Linda HicksVHS