Fourth graders at FMIS set watches for Rosie Tyme...

In the classroom of fourth grade teacher Carla Turner, at Frank Middle Intermediate School, there’s a schedule on the wall. It’s not for learning math or science but for “Rosie Tyme,” a time for a student to “give loves” to the class mascot Rosie—a well-fed and groomed white English Angora rabbit.  

Mrs. Turner said she uses the rabbit to teach her students about respecting the feelings of others. For instance, the students realize that Rosie may need a little girl time on some days and they must back off and show respect.

“Rosie is a strong, independent bunny and when she wants to be left alone, she wants to be left alone. The kids know she has feelings just like every other living creature,” Mrs. Turner said. However, she added, that isn’t often the case. Most of the time, she’s available for hugs and snuggles. The kids really love to run their fingers through her long hair and watch her twitching nose.

One student said he wears his watch to school so he can monitor the countdown until his time which, he said, doesn’t roll around enough for him.  As far as the rabbit, she seems to take the celebrity-status in stride. Mrs. Turner said it’s no wonder. The rabbit has been her daughter’s personal pet for about four years. Mrs. Turner takes the rabbit to her house at night where she gets more love and attention.

Linda HicksFMIS