Public library benefits available for students....

Please read and return by Wednesday, April 13.


The Vilonia School District and the Faulkner County Public Library are working together this year to make it possible for our students to check out books from the public library and have them delivered to Vilonia Schools. Upon request, students will receive a Faulkner County library card based on their school information. Students may then reserve a book from the Faulkner County Library to be delivered to Vilonia Schools Library Media Centers. The Library Media Center will hold the books for one week, if not picked up, they will be returned to the Faulkner County Library.

    Please be advised that it is the parent or guardian’s responsibility for items

checked out on their student’s card from the Faulkner County Library. This

includes fines, lost or stolen books, and monitoring of student’s checkouts.

Vilonia Schools, any school employee, the Faulkner-Van Buren County Library

system, library staff and Faulkner County and its employees cannot be held

responsible for any book placed on hold, picked up or checked out by

participating students. Please visit the Faulkner County Library’s website for a list

of services offered at


Faulkner County Library Policies apply to materials checked out from Vilonia Schools:

  • Books can be checked out for 28 days. New books can be checked out for 14 days.

  • Damaged or lost items are billed at full price plus a processing fee. Repeated offenses will result in the loss of ability to participate in the program of book delivery to the school.

  • Late items accrue overdue fines. (fines payable to Faulkner County Library)

  • Books - 10 cents per item, per day

  • Book on CD - 10 cents per item, per day

If at any time during this program you no longer desire to participate, parents and guardians may revoke a student’s privileges for public library book delivery to their schools by filling out the Revocation of Delivery form found on the Vilonia School District web page.


Permission Statement for Vilonia School District Students



In order for my child to receive a library card and/or services, Faulkner County Public Library has permission to access my child’s information.


My child has permission to have public library materials delivered to Vilonia Schools. I understand that all lost or damaged items will be billed at regular library rates and must be paid to Faulkner County Public Library.


My child currently has a Faulkner County Public Library card.



Faulkner County Library Card # (if applicable)_____________________________    Grade: ____________


Student Name: ____________________________________________________________________________   


I indemnify and hold harmless the coordinators, Vilonia Public Schools, Faulkner County and any of its agencies or departments, including, but not limited to Faulkner County Library and hereby agree to the terms set forth by the Faulkner County Library and Vilonia Public Schools.


Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________


Date: __________________________________



Revocation of Faulkner County Library book delivery to Vilonia Schools


Parent or Guardian:


Your signature on this form confirms that you are revoking previously granted permission to deliver public library books to Vilonia Schools Media Center by courier.


Student Name (please print) _______________________________________________________________________


Grade: _____________


Signature of Parent/Guardian _______________________________________________________________________




Please return this form to your school librarian.