VHS student heading to Germany for his senior year....

One Vilonia High School student will be missing for his senior year.

Noah Simon, who began his education in the Vilonia School District about 11 years ago, is making plans to spend his senior year as an exchange student in Germany. Most of the paperwork has been completed and he plans to leave Vilonia in August for 10 months living with a host family.

Self-described as a low profile student, Noah isn’t comfortable talking about himself. He also said he is embarrassed when someone brags on him or when he was voted by his peers in the past as the student most likely to succeed.

“I am fascinated to hear about others,” he said. “I live my life every day and I know what is going on in it. I had rather hear about others.”

With some prodding, he shared that he has a 3.8 grade point average and that he is “not that good in math.” As a 10th grader, he completed three years of pre-engineering at the high school—all in one year.  Regarding engineering, he said, he falls more on the creative end rather than with those who make things function. Those engineering classes, he believes, has set a path for problem solving and leadership opportunities.  While he isn’t sure exactly where he will end up, he said, he does plan to be a “part of the U.S. government.”

When he was in kindergarten, he began practicing stump speeches hoping to, one day, be sworn into office as the president of the United States.  While he doubts that will ever be a reality, he said some day he might run for the senate.

“Who knows?” he offered, in a joking manner. On any account, he said, it’s been a long time since he has given a political speech and “no more speeches.”

Noah has an interest in the stock market and may check his watch, which has software, allowing him to see “who is doing good and who is doing bad,” on occasion.

He also has always had an interest in airplanes and air aviation. At one point, he was leaning toward a career as a regulator of aircraft for the FAA. Today, he has aspirations to be a foreign service officer in the state department.

He loves chocolate, public transportation and traveling. He hopes to live in Washington D.C. He also loves horse racing and his family. The one person that may have influenced him the most is his uncle, Raymond Simon. His uncle, he said, worked his way up from a math teacher to the former United States Deputy Secretary of Education.  He also served as superintendent of the Conway School District from 1991-97.


Linda HicksVHS