A thank you from the track coach....

The Vilonia Track Program would like to thank all those who volunteered, this week, to help with our home track meets.  We have received many compliments on the running of the meets.

They were ran fast and efficient. Many visiting coaches said they were the best meets by far, this season, they have attended.  We have many teams wanting to come every year and we turn away many schools.  Yes, we actually turn away schools.....They know when they come here, their kids get a great meet.  That is a direct result of how well of a job our volunteers do. We appreciate the time you take away from your families to help in these meets.

Yall really do a great job.  Thank you for giving these kids an opportunity to run in great meets.

Many, many thanks,

John Steward

Vilonia Track  

Evan BeaversVHS