Students recognized at FMIS for behavior and academics...

Six students have been named as Students of the Year at Frank Mitchell Intermediate School for their behavior, academics and attitude during 2015-16.

Principal Andy Pennington and vice-principal Amy Goers presented framed photos and medallions, last week, to the students including Chaney Eckhardt, Remy Curtis, Aubrey Lock, Hunter McCool, Katlyn Smith and Brock Riddle.  

Pennington introduced the students and touted their praises.

Katlyn Smith, he said, is a dedicated and hardworking student who is always giving “better results than what is expected of her.” Her best quality is her positive attitude on any challenge that comes her way. She also never hesitates to help others around her—both in and outside her class. Her ability to cooperate and work with others sets her above the rest.

Brock Riddle, Pennington said, is a highly talented and committed leader with great management and people skills. He has a contagious persistent attitude. We could always be sure that if we handed a task to Brock, he would know how to handle it and deliver results quickly, he added. He is also respected among his peers due to his ability to help and assist those in need.

Aubrey Lock, he said, has shown responsibility, hard work and kindness throughout the year. She has a caring nature and is always willing to help her fellow students and teachers. She has a clear focus for doing well both in and outside school. We know she will do great things in the future, Pennington said.

Hunter McCool is a dedicated reliable student, Pennington said. His positive attitude and good humor make him an enjoyable student to have in class, he added. He is well-rounded and he is involved in several sports. We are confident, Pennington said, that he will continue to show this kind of diligence in the future.

Chaney Eckhardt, Pennington said, is an outstanding student. She excels in all subject areas. She actively participates in class discussions and takes great pride in her work. She always goes above and beyond what is required. In addition to her academic excellence, she is known for always being helpful and considerate to teachers, staff and her peers. She is a calm influence in the classroom who is always willing to help others do their best.

Remy Curtis, he said, is an excellent student. He is an independent thinker who always strives to apply what he learns. His observations and frequent participation in class discussions helps his fellow students to make connections also. In addition to his academic qualities, Remy is known to be a calm, truthful and conscientious student. He is consistently kind and thoughtful to teachers, the staff and his peers.


Linda HicksFMIS