FA students receive handbooks and welcomes at Open House

Principal Ronnie Simmons told parents and students at the Freshman Academy Open House, Tuesday evening, “My job depends on me following policy.”

The school policies, he said, are outlined in the student handbook. On that note, he highlighted several of them including those that govern prescription medicine which must be taken to the nurse. Also, disruption of school, the privacy act, eating lunch with students. Parents or guardians, he said, are always welcome to eat lunch with their students or attend class. Everyone else, he said, is not allowed.

Participation in any extracurricular activities, he said, requires drug testing.  While it is not a requirement for those not participating, Simmons said, parents may opt in for the testing. He referred to it as a “safety net.”

“The form will always be filled out for my kid,” Simmons said. He explained that it doesn’t mean a positive test would result in expulsion. However, he said, parents would be notified. Each week, he said, testing is done by random.

Teachers were also on hand visiting with students and parents as well as showcasing their classrooms.

Linda HicksFA