VHS students learn about school policies at orientation

A few messages to Vilonia High School students attended orientation, Thursday night, were  no cellphones being used in the parking lot, no hunting Pokémon, no hats in the building, wear your ID’s, to drive you must have a valid driver’s license, parking tags and  proof of insurance. Also, leave your ear phones at home.

Handbooks were provided. Messages were also relayed through a video as well as by members of the Student Leadership Team. In addition, Principal Matt Seward addressed some of the issues. Primarily, he encouraged the students and parents to review the Student Handbook and be aware of the contents. The handbook, he said, is “how we guide the school.”

Every policy, he said, has been reviewed. “A lot of thought has been put into it and we will hold everyone accountable to it.”

Students also learned about the various clubs and organizations and received class schedules.


Linda HicksVHS