Update on Mrs. Riggins

From the desk of Dr. David Stephens, Vilonia School superintendent:

You may have heard that Mrs. Cathy Riggins (assistant superintendent) was involved in a car accident yesterday. She was stopped on U.S. Highway 107, preparing to turn left on the street when her vehicle was hit from behind. It totaled her vehicle. 

She was taken to Conway Regional. A CAT scan showed some bleeding in her head so she was transported to LR for more tests and observation. I just spoke with Dennis (her husband). He said that the bleed is very small, seems to have stopped, and that, as of early this morning, the doctors didn't seem overly concerned. So far, there has been no mention of surgery or anything else. They're waiting to meet with a doctor this morning for the latest report. He said she is comfortable, as much as you can be after that type of trauma.

UPDATE:  The surgeon has determined that the bleeding had not stopped as they had originally thought. It is in a location where surgery would be the last option. The doctors are going to treat it with medication for the next few days. Dennis indicated that the doctors felt confident that this treatment would take care of the issue.