Congrats Mr. Sellers being named AAA Athletic Director of the Year


Ed Sellers, assistant superintendent/athletic director, has been named AAA Athletic Director of the Year. He has worked in his career field for about 48 years serving in several capacities and on many committees and boards.

He has worked for the Vilonia School District for about 45 years. Of that, he served as principal for the “entire school district” his first couple of years. As the district grew, the structure changed and Sellers became principal at the high school and stayed in that position for about 38 years prior to his current position.

Sellers was born and raised in Vilonia. He graduated from VHS in 1964. A “farm kid,” he was the first person in his family to go to college. His father, Adolph Sellers, was a carpenter and his mother, Ulma, was a stay-at-home mother.

He made the decision in high school to go into education. His inspiration, he said, was his teachers or at least three of them.

“I had a coach that cared about me,” he said. “I had an agri teacher that pushed me to do my best and I had an English teacher, although I wasn’t the best student, which believed in me.”

Out of college, Seller’s first teaching job was at Marianna where he stayed about three years. There, he taught agriculture, science and coached basketball. He was offered a principal’s job but didn’t take it. Yet, he accepted some words of encouragement from one of his co-workers and began to further his education and has earned a Master’s in educational administration among other certifications.

Modestly speaking, he said, he believes that he has made a difference in the lives of some students. For instance, he encouraged a student to take agriculture classes. That student now owns a seed company and is on a board of direct

Phone calls, handshakes and thank-you’s from his former students also appear to be high marks on his personal measure of success. Some of his former students are now his peers and work alongside him in the Vilonia district.

Linda HicksVHS