East Lab students working with city on tornado victim memorial

Plans are in the works for a memorial to be placed in Vilonia honoring both the 2011 and 2014 tornado victims.

Four Vilonia High School East Lab students, Jacob Hogan, David Reyes, Devin James and Cyeth Arendall,  made the proposal, Tuesday night, at the Vilonia City Council. A malfunction with equipment, the students didn’t waiver from the mission to get Mayor James Firestone and the city council’s support. The students used their cellphones to show their design and provided a vivid description. The plans include placing two columns with a five foot long plexiglass, four foot deep, case in the middle. The case will hold items, found during the tornado as well as items belonging to the victims who lost their lives, the students said.  

Material needed, the students said, will include brick, cement and Plexiglas as well as pavers. The names of the victims are to be listed on the pavers.  They estimated the cost to be about $3,000. The students asked for support for the project including financially.

With little discussion, the city leaders gave the nod to proceed with the project. Mayor James Firestone said it would be appropriate to place the memorial at the Memorial Park. He asked the students to send their design and drawings to him.

“I think it is a very worthwhile project,” he told the students. The students said they would like to have the project completed by December.

Linda HicksVHS