Creative students' educational program representatives coming to VHS

Savannah College of the Art and Design will be at the VHS counselor's at 1 p.m., Thursday. Students who are interested in talking to themshould let the counselor's office know.


AGS is a six-week residential, educational summer program designed for upcoming high school seniors with exceptional abilities, creativity, and maturity.  Participants attend classes and many special events, including concerts, theatrical productions, lectures and films.  They participate in service projects, recreational activities, and social gatherings.  The atmosphere of AGS is charged with intellectual, cultural, and social excitement.  Participants take away with them a heightened appreciation of their own talents, a deeper sense of their relationship to their communities, and a more intense intellectual curiosity. Consider applying to the AGS if you are a high school junior and willing and able to attend, without interruption, for the full six weeks. The application form will be online at both the Department of Education's website and the AGS website October 6.  Students must be nominated by their schools to apply, so students should check with their counselors to about nomination criteria.  Completed applications are due from schools by January 16.  They are reviewed by state-appointed AGS selection committees and selections results will be emailed to students and schools by March.

Linda HicksVHS, FA