School Board Member Recognition Month announced

 January 2017 is School Board Member Recognition Month and the ideal time to salute the service of 1,500 plus school board members in Arkansas as well as those serving on the Vilonia Board of Education.

The month-long observance is an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of the men and women who advocate and shape the direction of our state’s public schools.  

VILONIA BOARD OF EDUCATION           2016-17 School Year


Randy Sanders, president                                                    Steve McMillan

 (Wife – Gaye)                                                                         (Wife – Tamara)

Occupation:  Salesman-Purina Mills                              Occupation: Purchasing Manager-Snap On

Position #5                                                                                           Position #3

Next election:  Sept. 2018                                                   Next election:  Sept. 2018


Martin McKissack, secretary                                        Mark Samuelson, vice-president

(Wife – Kelly)                                                                                     (Wife – Kim)

Occupation:  Accountant                                                  Occupation:  Chief Financial Officer

First Electric Cooperative                                                                Progressive Constructors

Position #4                                                                                          Position #2

Next election:  Sept. 2017                                                     Next election:  Sept. 2019


Tim Nolan, disbursement officer                        Jake Turner, alternate disbursement   

Occupation:  Company President                                              (Wife – Melinda)

D & N Construction                                                      Occupation:  Workstation Support Tech

(Wife – Toni)                                                                                        Acxiom

                                                                                                             Position #6

Position #1                                                                                    Next election:  Sept. 2017

Next election:  Sept. 2019               


Gina McNew

(Husband – Brad)

Occupation:  Doctor

Position #7

Next election:  Sept. 2019