Fourth graders share the biographies of some famous people

Some prominent people visited FMIS recently. Elvis, Jane Goodall and Anne Frank as well as several other celebrities.

Students in the classroom of fourth grade teacher Kim Bartlett read the biographies of some of their favorite people and presented their findings in class dressed in costumes. As they took turns, each received the clapping of hands for a job well done. Yet, in true Elvis fashion, it was King of Rock and Roll who brought the house down with his music.

Standing before the class, a pint-sized Elvis sported cold black hair on his head and sparkling rhinestones on his white pantsuit. He wore sun glasses. He was the guy in the room the other guys wanted to be and the girls wanted to hear speak. The youngster told about Elvis’ fame, fortune and failures.  He also showed the class a 45 LP, vinyl record with the hit song Hound Dog on it. The record, he said, was loaned to him by his grandmother Chere’ Beavers.

Students requested that Mrs. Bartlett play it on the computer.  She explained to them a record player would be needed to play it.  A “brain break,” she found the song on the Internet and played it. Some of the students couldn’t stand still. They showed off some of their best Elvis moves. 

Linda HicksFMIS