Tea party at FMIS allows students a chance to practice manners

An afternoon tea party at Frank Mitchell Intermediate School requires dress clothing, table manners, polite conversation and an accent, according to the Kool Kat’s who attended.

Tables in the KIVA at the school, Tuesday, were decked out with white tablecloths. There was also flowers and a variety of tea pots filled with hot water on them. Tea bags were available as well as rolls, jelly, honey and cupcakes.

Some students knew the correct way to partake while others offered advice. Teachers milled around the room making sure the students’ were using their best manners. Stirring of tea is done six to twelve, one teacher told students.  Parents were also involved in the event. The girls giggled as the boys were required to stand when they left the table and returned. The one no-no, the students said, was putting up your pinkie. A guest should look into the teacup when drinking — never over it.

The event is in conjunction with lessons regarding the Boston Tea Party—a political protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, on December 16, 1773. 

Linda HicksFMIS