Catwalk at VPS showcases 100 Day of School wear

Famous faces took to the red, carpeted catwalk, Wednesday morning, at VPS, showcasing their own designs.

Some of the models were sassy. Some were nonchalant.  All had their own swag.

The trendsetters, celebrating 100 Days of School, set the craze for the day. Their wears were decked out with puzzle pieces, butterflies, fishing lures, paper clips, sticks and kisses. The one common thread, was the requirement of 100 embellishments, of the same kind.  There were also messages including:

--“I’m Kissing 100 Days of School Goodbye.”   

--We’ve bugged Mrs. Roberts for 100 Days.”

--I Lured My Way through 100 Days.”

--I Clipped My Way to 100 Days

--The Force is 100 Days Stronger in This One

--I Hacked My Way to 100 Days

--100 Days of School Flutter By

Linda HicksVPS