Juniors and seniors have opportunity to attend medical summer enrichment program

M*A*S*H (Medical Applications of Science for Health) camp is an excellent two week summer enrichment program that allows rising high school juniors and seniors to shadow health professionals and attend workshops that enhance their experience in the health care field.  Many of Arkansas' brightest students have participated in MASH which provided the catalyst needed to spur them on toward a health profession.  UAMS West MASH students participate in dissections, CPR training, a UAMS tour, and daily job-shadowing allowing first-hand experience in a variety of health care environments.  This is a free program for students, thanks to community donations and support from the MASH partnership, which includes the Arkansas Farm Bureau, UAMS Regional Programs, and Baptist Health among others.  For more information contact the VHS counselor's office. 

Linda HicksVHS