Pre-AP students at VMS listen to story of Holocaust survivor

A group of seventh grade Pre-AP students, at Vilonia Middle School learned, first hand, Monday, from a Holocaust survivor.

Students Chole Lane, Casen Kenney, Jake Norman, Jacob Lewis, Grant McNew and Hannah Weatherly made a call to Esther Sarobin, who was born in Adelsheim, Germany April. 3, 1937. She was a Jewish refugee child from Germany.  At two years old, she was placed on the Kindertransport. She survived the Holocaust. Her parents Katie and Adolf Rosenfeld did not. They were sent to Auschwitz and killed in August 1942.

“I was just two years old when I was separated from my parents. I never saw them again after I went to England on the Kindertransport,” she told the students via phone. She said she was sent, alone, to live with the Harrison family in Thorpe, Norwich, England where she remained for eight years.  She had three sisters but all were sent to live in separate places in England.

Mrs. Sarobin had relatives in the United States. She was re-united with her sisters eventually.  Along with two sisters, she came to the United States in 1947 to live with an aunt and uncle. A third sister eventually joined them. 

“We had uncles in the United States,” she told students. “We had VISA’s to come to the United States. We came to Washington, D.C. when I was 10.”

She attended the University of Illinois to become a teacher.  Mrs. Sarobin told the students she was so young she remembers nothing about the trip on the Kindertransport. She encouraged them to do more research on her.

Mrs. Sarobin wasn’t the only one being interviewed. She also had a few questions for the students.

“How did you get my name?,” she asked.  Also, she asked if the students had been to Washington, D.C. Chole said she had been with her family on a trip there. Mrs. Sarobin  encouraged the students to research her name on the Internet. She said she has written several stories about her life and they are on the United States Holocaust Museum website.

The students plan to share what they learned, during the interview and through research, with their peers as well as do more research.

A photo of Esther Starobin as a child. Photo from U.S. Holocaust Museum website.

A photo of Esther Starobin as a child. Photo from U.S. Holocaust Museum website.

Linda HicksVMS