VPS students goal is to create culture of kindness


Students at VPS, recently, participated in "The Great Kindness Challenge".  This nationally-recognized week is devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible.  The goal is to create a culture of kindness on school campuses across America!  Students were given a checklist that included 12 acts of kindness to perform throughout the week. 

However, they were encouraged to perform as many acts of kindness as possible.  To kick-off the challenge, VPS began a coin drive to help provide clean water to people in Guatemala.  Students and staff learned about the importance of helping others.  The coin drive will conclude on February 3.

Challenges include:

Invite a new friend to play.

Smile at 25 people.

Make a wish for a child in another country.

Give your friend a high five.

Compliment five people.

Be kind to yourself and eat a healthy snack.

Decorate five hearts and give them to friends.

Entertain someone with a happy dance.

Lend a pencil to a friend.

Help someone up if they fall down.

Thank someone who has helped you.

Create your own kind deed.





Linda HicksVPS