Students at VMS honored to have Holocaust survivor as guest

 Holocaust survivor Fred Hilsenrath came and visited the VMS PreAP Literacy class, under teacher Linda Knapp, Friday.  Mr. Hilsenrath spoke to the students about his experience of being forced into cattle cars with this family, leaving his sick and elderly neighbors behind, who were later shot and their bodies thrown into a mass grave, as well as his terrible hunger. He also shared his fears and how he still has nightmares of the experience.  He told about being to forced to clean the latrines at the concentration camp he was sent to, along with his family, and how he and his family and others went into hiding.  He concluded by telling about being rescued by a Russian Jew of the Russian Army.

Students were allowed to ask questions. The students also presented Mr. Hilsenrath a Holocaust quilt as an appreciation gift.

Linda HicksVMS