VMS students performed well in UALR Engineering Olympics

Vilonia Middle School students, Feb. 25,  participated in the UALR Engineering Olympics. They had a seventh grade team and eighth grade team entered in the CO2 Dragster, critical thinking, and Quick-Stop Racer competitions. The eighth grade team placed second in the critical thinking, and the seventh grade team placed fourth in the Quick-Stop Racer. Overall, they all did well.

The students who competed were:

7th grade:

Wesley Raper

Brock Riddle

Bryce Ritter

Austin Meyers

Mitchell Gray

Holden Schwulst

Cade Wagner

Grant McNew

Ethan Crawley

Mason Hoover

8th grade:

Cordell Palmer

David Adams

Mason Atkins

Shelby Duncan

Emma Duncan

Laynie White

Gabe Goodwin

Matthew Goodwin

Lauren Goodwin

Janie Gentry

Linda HicksVMS