Plans have been announced for the 2017 Miss Vilonia Royalty Pageant

--This is not a school sanctioned event but one that some students, parents and staff are interested in attending.

The 2017 Miss Vilonia Royalty Pageant is set for 10 a.m., April 22, in the Vilonia Primary Big Room.

The Miss Vilonia Royalty Pageant is an open pageant for girls ages 0-18 years old. The pageant offers crowns, large trophies, and custom embroidered sashes for the division queens and trophies for everyone.  The proceeds from this pageant go toward scholarships. Note: We no longer have divisions for boys. 

  Baby Miss 0-11 months

Toddler Miss 12-23 months

Darling Miss 2 years

Tiny Miss 3-4

Petite Miss 5-6

Little Miss 7-8

Junior Miss 9-10

PreTeen Miss 11-12

Teen Miss 13-15

Miss 16-18 *Still in high school 

Important Information      

Paperwork is DUE Wednesday, April 12, and no late registrations will be accepted. Pageant registration will be from 9-10 a.m. April 22. The pageant will begin at 10 a.m.

This is an open pageant for females age 0-18. No residency restrictions. Please come near stage ready as there will be limited dressing rooms. Contestants may practice on stage up to 15 minutes before the pageant begins.

Divisions will not be combined unless entries are low.
Division queens will receive a crown, large trophy and custom embroidered sash. Vilonia Miss Queen
(age 16-18) will receive a $250 scholarship payable to her college or trade school of choice.  Alternates (1st-3rd) will receive a two-post trophy.

Participation: All contestants who do not place will receive a participation trophy.

Crowd Favorite: Each division will have a Crowd Favorite. Each contestant will have a voting bag in which monetary votes may be placed. Contestants may collect absentee votes from fans who may not be able to attend as well. Crowd Favorite will receive a tiara. All Crowd Favorite money goes straight to scholarships. Crowd Favorite will have no bearing on the division title.

Photogenic: All photogenic entries are due with entry form. If sending through mail, please ensure the photo will not be damaged or bent. We are not responsible for lost or damaged entries. All photos should be no larger than 8x10. Black and white or color is accepted. We are looking for natural photos which showcase the contestant’s photogenic qualities in an age appropriate manner. No glitz. Photogenic will have no bearing on the division title. Photogenic winners will receive a trophy.

Fun Fashion: Preteen, Teen and Miss ONLY. Contestants who elect to also compete in Fun Fashion will model a sporty or casual outfit. This division will be judged after the beauty walk and will have no bearing on beauty scores. Winner receives a trophy. Contestants may use props that can be carried and do not make a mess (softball bats, batons, baskets, purses, etc. are totally examples of acceptable props.)

Interview: Preteen, Teen and Miss only will have an onstage interview question. This will be worth 10 points of her score.

Judging: Contestants will be judged on modeling, outfit, poise, beauty and personality (10 points each.)

     *Modeling-Diamond formation. Girls may turn at any X, but SHOULD to turn at the front middle X. No routines. Walk and model while letting your personality show.

     *Outfit-Pageant dresses or Sunday dresses for girls. Age appropriateness is taken into consideration.

     *Poise-Confidence counts. Chin up, shoulders back and take that stage.

     *Beauty-All our contestants are beautiful, but too much makeup, fake hair, flippers, fake tans, etc. will lose you points here. Keep it naturally beautiful. Fake eyelashes are permitted but it will be up to the judges to decide if they distract from the contestant's natural beauty.

     *Personality-We are looking for someone we will be proud of to represent Vilonia. Let it shine.

     *Interview-Pre-Teen, Teen and Miss contestants will also be asked an on stage question for 10 points. A list of the questions is available.

Queens are encouraged to use their title to represent Vilonia in a positive way. Grand openings, community service work, parades, etc. are a great way to showcase your title. Queens are also invited to come back the following year to crown. Queens may not compete the following year after being crowned.

Bad sportsmanship by a contestant, parent, guardian, or fan may result in the contestant being disqualified from the pageant and any future pageants. Judges decisions are final. Admission will be $3 per adult and $1 per student. One adult allowed free with each paid contestant. Armbands must be worn at all times or you may be asked to leave.