First 48 FA students, following guidelines, may take pep bus Monday to conference tournament

From the desk of Freshman Academy Principal Ronnie Simmons:

We are planning to take a pep bus to the end of the season conference
tournament in Beebe on Monday.  Our girls play at 4 p.m. and our boys
at 5:15 p.m.  We will leave VFA at 3 p.m. and return as soon as the
boys’ game is over.  We are limiting the number of students to the
first 48 who follow the guidelines below.  Any VFA student interested
in riding our pep bus to the River Valley Junior High Conference
Tournament on Monday, February 6, must meet the following guidelines:

--Student must have a note granting permission, signed by parent or
guardian, complete with a telephone number to call and verify the
note.  All notes will be verified by office staff.  These must be
received in the VFA office by 8 a.m., Monday morning.
--Students riding the pep bus must pay $2 each to defray cost of
fuel,  pay their own entrance into the game ($5.00), and have their
own money for the concession stand (dinner).  We will not be stopping
for a meal.
--Any student not representing VFA in a positive manner at the game
will be subject to disciplinary consequences.

We are hoping for a great turnout for the tournament.  Our teams
finished in 1st place in the conference this season with the girls
having an 11-1 record and the boys a 12-0.  Students were
informed of this Friday afternoon.

Linda HicksFA