VPS student surprised at school when deployed dad walks in

A kindergartener in Mrs. Bonner's VPS classroom was surprised when her dad, Kevin Phillips, was the surprise visitor to her classroom. He has been deployed overseas for more than six months with the U.S. Air Force.  

The youngster had not seen her daddy since June.  He walked through her classroom door after her teacher,  Mrs. Bonner, shared that her class had a special visitor.  Seeing him, she ran to give him a big hug and kisses. Mr. Phillips said that his daughter had grown taller since the last time he was able to hold her. 

Mrs. Bonner's class recited the Pledge of Allegiance for their special guest. Also, Mr. Phillips shared stories from his deployment.  In addition, he showed the students where he lived by pointing to the location on the world globe.  The students asked several questions and thanked him for his service.  Jenn Phillips, the youngster's mom,  also served as Mrs. Bonner's special visitor.  


Linda HicksVPS