VHS East Lab students showing new technololgy and projects at conference

Vilonia High EAST "leveled up," at national EAST Conference, according to teacher Erin Rappold.

"We showcased many unique projects that we collaborated with our community, used sophisticated technology and worked the clients," she said.

Each student attended breakout sessions to learn about other schools programs, emerging technology, college programs and community resources in Arkansas. This national conference brings elementary to college student from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Louisiana to Hot Springs, each March, to celebrate what they are doing in their communities. With the help of the 2016-2017 EAST Upgrade grant and Vilonia School District,  Rappold said,  the students were able to show new technology to other schools as well as the projects the students have created.

The East students and Rappold are appreciative of all who helped the students make it to the event and the community for support of the program.

Linda HicksVHS