VHS students seeking a plant science related degree may apply for potential scholarship

  1. Faulkner County Master Gardener Scholarship
  2. DEADLINE: April 3

  3. This is a scholarship to assist graduating high school seniors, undergraduate and/or graduate students who are residents of   Conway County, Faulkner County, or Perry County, Arkansas.

  4. Applicants should be seeking a degree in a plant-science related field, including but not limited to agriculture, agricultural business, agricultural education, biology, botany, forestry, horticulture, landscape architecture/design, plant science, and turf management.

  5. The Faulkner County Master Gardeners will award a scholarship in the amount of $1,500 and additional scholarships at the discretion of the scholarship committee.

  6. Applications and accompanying documents may be submitted electronically through the following link: www.uaex.edu/counties/faulkner/programs.aspx

    1. By postal mail, or hand delivered

  7. Go by the counselor’s office for an application
Linda HicksVHS