VHS East Lab students research, design and deliver

At the East Lab Night Out, held recently, students were demonstrating projects they have completed and others in the works. Students Harlee Branson and Hayley Chandler were leading the tour. Three-D printers were running and fidgets were being produced.  Also, visitors could see ear bud holders they made on the printers as well as a model of a proposed tornado memorial. The memorial project was designed for the Vilonia City Park.

We are one of the only schools that has a 3D N-2 printer, Branson told visitors. In addition, the school has two smaller A-5 printers.  The East Lab student took one of their printers to Hot Springs for demonstrations, she added.  We are lucky, she said. Some schools, she said, do not have any.

Chandler shared her latest project. She has obtained a blue print already and she is utilizing a computer and architectural software to put together information and make a plan for remodeling the old gymnasium. She is measuring and figuring out load bearing walls and will soon be ready, she said, to make a presentation on her findings to the Vilonia Board of Education.

While Branson isn’t sure what her future will hold following graduation, Chandler has decided she will major in architecture.

Linda HicksVHS