VHS graduating class receives more than $3.1 million in scholarships

Many of the 2017 graduating class of Vilonia Eagles will be soaring to other education venues following the May 13, high school graduation.

About $3.1 million in scholarships was awarded at the recent VHS Senior Honors Night banquet, announced Matt Sewell, principal during his closing address.

“This did not happen by accident,” he said. He gave credit to the students, their dedication and their parents. He touched on the subject of “Eagle pride,” and reminded the 2017 graduates, “When you leave here, you will always be Eagles.”

Many of the 219 graduates received scholarships. There were athletic scholarships, band scholarships, technology scholarships. The dollar amounts differed from a few hundred dollars to $100,000.  There were several full rides. Sewell went through the alphabet providing colleges and university representatives the opportunity to stand at the podium and make awards.  Students filed on and off the stage at the event held in the cafeteria.

A UCA representative awarded many Eagles with scholarships. Three received full scholarships to the UCA Honors College including Ashlyn Estes, Lauren McHenry and Mary Beth McKay.  The UCA representative said that

2017 Honor Graduates include:

Caleb Baker, Jacob Baker, Alli Bonnema, Logan Bridges, Keathley Childres, Danaka Davis, Ashlyn Estes, Casey Mae Goff, Andrew Grissom, Emily Horton, Katie Jo Johnson, Sarah Kinnison, Skylar Lee, Madison Loter, Chris Maddox, Lauren McHenry, Mary Beth McKay, Kara Moore, Megan Nichols, Lillian Osier, Anna Palmer, Shannon Reifowitz, Abby Smith, Valerie Stepanishen, Andrea Stitt, Jacob Straub, Carson Willhite, Ginny Williams and C.J. Williford


Other scholarships include:

FCA Scholarship C.J.  Williford, $1,000

2 Toad Suck Scholarship Ali Bonnema and Abby Smith $2,800 each

CARTI Scholarship Cheyann Trantham $3,500

ABA Memorial Scholarship to Hannah Blann, $1,000

Kimberly Clark to Madison Loter $6,000 a year for four years

Hartness/Roberts Scholarship Challenge to Nick Gentry $1,000

Linda HicksVHS